Do well for your practice while doing good for society! Tap into the $45 billion market of regular people!

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With a subscription to Lowboknow, you not only gain access to unlimited clients with zero marketing and referral fees; with a pre-paid subscription, you also receive heavy discounts to help you save money in your practice.

Note: You must exercise your rewards while you are a current, paying 6-month or 1-year prepaid plan subscriber. In other words, you cannot switch from a prepaid plan to a monthly plan and then access your rewards retroactively.

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1 Do Well for Your Practice
Tap into a huge new market - Regular People!

Lowboknow allows you to quickly and easily tap into a huge new market - Regular People - with zero time and effort spent on marketing.

Historically, regular people have been priced out of the market, as attorneys have typically only offered full representation to those who can afford it. By either lowering your hourly rate or by trying alternative fee mechanisms, you can leverage this largely untapped market.

If you’re operating below capacity at your firm, charging below your hourly rate to engage a low bono client can still make solid financial sense, as one hour billed at $125 per hour yields more than zero hours billed at $300 per hour.

Focus on providing services at which you excel and that you enjoy, and low bono makes even more sense, particularly with fixed fee legal work done rapidly owing to your skill and procedural efficiency. With low bono and limited scope representation, you can focus on providing those services that make the most money given the amount of time they require, or are the most enjoyable for you. For example, in addition to your usual hourly services, you might offer a specific set of services, such as a family law request for order, an answer to a complaint, etc., for a set fee. These are both largely formulaic and can be done from one’s desk, so they’re time efficient and extremely helpful for the client.

Low bono can be a boon for your practice. And through Lowboknow, you can access unlimited low bono cases on your time and your terms, with zero time and money wasted on marketing.

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2 Do Good for Society
Provide Access to Justice to the Masses

Offering low bono legal help increases access to justice. There is a segment of the population that can afford usual attorney hourly rates. And there is a segment of the population that qualifies for free legal services. These two bookends of the legal spectrum are the minority of this country’s population.

The huge middle class living between the two bookends--between those who can afford traditional attorney services or who can get free services--has largely been ignored by both private practice attorneys and free legal services providers. By doing low bono representation, you are opening up access to justice for regular people.

Further, by targeting legal assistance to areas that are most beneficial for the client’s case, you can make a huge difference for the client while still enjoying the benefits of making an income. Instead of doing all the things you dislike and which the ordinary client can’t afford, you could simply offer to counsel the client about his or her case, the facts, and the relevant law, draft a motion for the client, and prepare him or her for the hearing. Your targeted assistance can make an enormous impact for the client. Even better, you profit, and you’re focusing on an area you enjoy. Plus, the more targeted flat fee work you do, the more you become efficient, and your flat fee service becomes all the more profitable for you.

Targeted low bono service makes sense - for the client, for society, and for you.

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